The Taste of Spain
all over the world

In recent years Chiquilín has been able to adapt to the new times and cross the borders of our country to reach a wide variety of countries and people of multiple nationalities. Currently, Chiquilín is a strong and competitive brand with products present in more than 20 countries spread throughout the world, making its quality the enjoyment of all kinds of palates outside our country.

This process of expansion and exportation beyond our borders began with the renewal of packaging and the creation of new production lines which made it possible for Chiquilín products to travel to the kitchens of other countries, taking the best taste of Spain all over the world.

Our products are presented in a wide variety of containers with different sizes and quantities, which make them more attractive to the customer because they adapt to their.


The quality of our brand travels backed by the different certifications obtained both for our products and for our production and elaboration processes, providing greater confidence among our lifelong consumers, but also among those who discover it for the first time.

The BRC Certificate of guarantee allows us to grow more in production, which makes the export of our products possible and more efficient thanks to this seal which guarantees a legal compliance of the food security around the world. We have also been honored with the kosher certificate as well as with the organic production seal in a selection of our BIO products.

Our objective: To continue developing in quality improvement in all our products, growing together as benchmarks within the spices industry both nationally and internationally.

If you want to know more about our products or destinations of export, do not hesitate to consult us.

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