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The small spice industries born in the early 1900 gradually became the economic livelihood of many families in this town.

When Luis Penalva started, the work was manual, packaging the saffron in small “carteritas” (pouches) in a very traditional and artisanal way. Business was national and mainly local.

Luis Penalva, founder of Chiquilín especias


The 2nd generation took over in the business, packaging and processing were modernised little by little.

With the 3rd generation the company really experienced a great renovation, automatic packing systems were implemented, new packaging lines were created, and exports became a reality in these years.


The 4th generation strengthen the private label and export business by focusing on two main aspects.

The rst one is increasing our quality guarantee level obtaining the BRC certi cation, allowing us to increase our volumes and the importance of our business. The second one is investing heavily in machinery, increasing our production capacity to work with large food distribution chains.


Today, Luis Penalva, S.L. has become an export-import company that carries an extensive range of spices, herbs and condiments with presence already in over 20 countries around the world.

All our products are Kosher certified and are packed in a variety of packages to adjust to our customer’s needs, from bulk size to small retail packaging. We have also available Organic Certification for our products as it is becoming more important and people are more conscious about the bene ts of BIO products.

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